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TRAINING DATES                           
If the course or workshop you want to do doesn't have any dates listed, or if the dates listed are not convenient for you, please contact me and I will arrange a date for you.  
If anybody attending a course or workshop on the same day as you, is paying a lower price than you, your fee will be reduced so everybody pays the same price. There is no VAT to pay
Luxury Manicure Course
Option A
No previous experience           required

Pedicure for qualified

    August 1st     Only 1 place left          at this price            £95.00

    September 5th             £110.00

    July 26th   1.30 pm   £65.00
      2 places available
     September  26th      £65.00

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 Manicure Course + Gel    Polish            Option B 
No previous experience required
   July 27th         £95.00
  August 10th  2 places                                             £95.00  
  September 20th £110.00


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The Complete Nail Technician Course
No previous experience required

 August 1st - 4th     FULL
 Sept 5th - 7th &  12th                                             £395.00      
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 E File Course       *   for qualified manicurists
       July                £65.00
     August 9th FULL  £65.00
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Gel Nail Extensions
for qualified manicurists
  July 12th      1 place @ £95.00
  August 15th  2 places     £95.00
  Sept 7th                      £110.00

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 Acrylic Nail Extensions
for qualified manicurists
  August 16th 2 places    £95.00
   September   21st   £110.00
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 Powder Polish Dip
for qualified manicurists

 July 26th    1.30 pm     £75.00
  September  26th         £75.00
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Gel polish workshop *
for qualified manicurists
     July 28th   9.30 am    £75.00
         1 place available

    August 9th 1.30 pm   £75.00
       1 place available
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  Nail  Art                        
 A bit of everything, polish secures, marbling, 3d gel polish, acrylic paint, you decide.
A fun day of learning
No experience required

       July 25th
      August 17th
      Half day  £75.00       
      Full day   £95.00
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 3D Acrylic Nail Art
Acrylic Certificate required
      By Arrangement  £100.00
Spray Tanning
      By Arrangement   £75.00
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 25% deposit required      
      when  booking
           Deposits are non-refundable &